Top 5 cryptocurrencies for casino gambling

Published 09/07/2022

Top 5 cryptocurrencies for casino games

Bitcoin and altcoin casinos continue to gain popularity due to the fact that the number of people interested in cryptocurrency is constantly growing. There are already over two thousand cryptocurrencies and new ones continue to enter the market daily. Therefore, if a bitcoin casino wants to be successful and competitive it must follow trends and meet player demand by offering altcoins as a way to deposit. This leads to more and more coins finding their place in the cryptocurrency gaming and betting industry. But today, there are a few currencies that are the most popular and have already gained the trust of the community.

Bitcoin (of course).

As the father of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is also the number one coin used by gamblers. Literally every crypto-casino in existence accepts Bitcoin as a deposit currency. Even though the bitcoin network is back to normal after a severe overload in the winter of 2017/2018 and the size of transactions within it is small, transactions can take some time. There is a high chance that the implementation of the Lightning Network will erase all of Bitcoin’s imperfections, but with or without it, Bitcoin is likely to remain a top 1 coin in both the market and for gaming for a long time to come.


The permanent occupant of the number two spot in the cryptocurrency market. Representing the smart contract technology on which most blockchain projects are developed, Ethereum (aka Ether) has the same level of popularity among the crypto community as Bitcoin. It was the second cryptocurrency that online casinos started accepting, so almost any bitcoin casino supports Ethereum. So at the moment, along with almost instant transactions and low transaction fees, Ethereum’s popularity makes it one of the best currencies for gambling and betting.

Bitcoin Cash

One of the most popular and successful hard forks of Bitcoin, positioning itself as the best version of it. Even providing faster transactions, Bitcoin Cash has not replaced the original, but it has found its audience, and is most often located in the top 5 coins on the cryptocurrency market. And more importantly for players – most bitcoin casinos accept Bitcoin Cash as an altcoin for deposit.


A coin that started out as a joke representing the popular internet meme “Doge” and that wasn’t going to become a serious currency – but people loved and supported it. Even wandering around the 50th position on the market, somehow the coin became popular among players, which crypto casinos couldn’t help but notice, so most of them allow you to make deposits in Dogecoin. Also, its network has fast and cheap transactions, so why not?


Bitcoin’s second-ever fork, most often can be found in the top 5 of the crypto market. Technically more advanced than Bitcoin, Litecoin offers very fast transaction speeds (2-3 minutes on average) and negligibly low transaction prices. One of the elders of the crypto market and most cryptocurrency casinos accept LightCoin.

Published 09/07/2022
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